Perry-Congress Joint Fire District
Johnsville Fire Department



We are very proud to introduce to you the Perry-Congress Joint Fire District, commonly known as the Johnsville Fire Department. This web site shares with you those volunteer public servants and the various logistics that are employed and dedicated to the preservation, safety and protection of life and property within our jurisdictional boundaries. Our emergency response agency meets and or exceeds the various standards and guidelines as set-forth by governing agencies and associations. As such, our department and all of its membership-professionals are thoroughly trained in emergency response situations regardless of incident, situation or area. This is only made possible by the support and assistance of the dedicated constituents of our district. Thank you for your continued support, respect and belief in the services and assistance we provide to you, our neighbor, in allowing us, your fire department, to be recognized and highly respected as one of the most diverse agencies in our Ohio region.



Mission Statement

To serve all the public, its welfare and safety, both resident and visitor, in all emergency situations and the preservation of life and
property regardless the circumstance, situation or need. The members of this fire department solemnly hold and carry with them
their oath to always come to the aid of and expend all available resources necessary to assist any individual in their time of need, and
any life-threatening situation or any threat to the protection and preservation of property from fire, accident or natural disaster.




To protect and safeguard all life and property from death, injury and or damage using all available resources, training, education and experience
for the overall safety, protection and preservation of life and property.